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Spiritual Storms - Book

Spiritual Storms is a book written to equip and empower people of faith to successfully go through, and if necessary, get out of unwarranted life s storms. The principles we ll explore throughout this book will enable readers to find the shortest path to peace and victory. Jesus made it to the other side; beyond the storm to His destination, and so can we. We will also discover the source, purpose, duration, and most importantly a way of escape from various storm categories. A category 1 storm whirls out of disobedience, rebellion, and sin. A category 2 storm spirals from faithfulness and spiritual maturity. A category 3 storm is internal turmoil, and a category 4 storm thunders from pride and idolatrous living. That s how we ll identify each storm for the purpose of learning. Each storm should be approached with a Christ-like attitude, but every storm produces a different outcome. Successfully navigating through life s storms requires properly identifying the category type. We must honestly evaluate ourselves to determine where we are in our spiritual growth. Afterward, our success depends on how well we follow instructions.

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